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We all worry about our children, especially if we are providing them with the right nutrients and in today’s busy world it is becoming more and more challenging to fit everything in every day.

Home Cooking Versus Junk

Try not to fall into the trap of allowing your children to eat ready meals and junk food everyday as it will not be good for their health or their weight later on. To make home cooked food that your children will enjoy and still get the goodness into them you will have to start slow. Begin with a recipe they will love and slowly over time, sneak the vegetables into it. Below are some ideas for children’s meals.

Cheesy Potato Cakes with Beans

This is an easy and quick recipe that the kids are sure to love and plus you can get some beans into their system. You will need one hundred and fifty grams of sweet potato, forty grams of grated low fat cheddar cheese and some chopped up parsley. Firstly, you can peel the potato and then cut the potato into chunks. The smaller the chunks the quicker it will cook. Sit the chopped potato in salted boiling water so it becomes soft. Once it is soft and that should take anything from ten minutes to half an hour depending on the size of the chunks you can drain off the water and mash the potato with the cheese. Add a little of the chopped parsley and then using your hands you can make two balls out of the mixture and then flatten them. Heat up your frying pan and add a little oil and place your potato cakes into the pan and cook them on both sides just so they start to look golden in their colour and they can then be served with the baked beans.

Chicken and Vegetable Hotpot

You will need one skinless chicken breast that weighs one hundred grams, two chopped celery sticks, six sliced mushrooms, two sliced carrots, one sliced onion, quarter a pint of chicken stock, a little fresh, dried thyme, some salt and pepper, one hundred and fifty grams of sweet potato, and one table spoon of half fat crème fraise. Firstly put a little oil into a pan that is oven proof and heat up, place the chicken and allow it to brown on both sides. After which you can add the mushrooms, carrots, celery, and onion and you can let them sauté for three minutes. Now you can pour into the mixture the chicken stock as well as the thyme and a little of the salt and pepper. Cover it and bake for forty minutes and whilst this is happening you can bake a potato as well. When you take out the casserole you can add a table spoon of half-fat crème fraise and serve with the baked potato.

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