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Dry skin is a problem that affects many people. It is not only an esthetic problem, as dryness of the skin may lead to premature skin aging, wrinkles, susceptibility to skin damage, scaling, cracks and infections.


The skin may become dry due to a number of factors. Some people have the dry skin type and in them the condition of the skin is probably inherited. There are also factors that may lead to or aggravate dryness of the skin, such as smoking, alcoholism, improper nutrition, dehydration or insufficient intake of fluids, pollution, cold and windy weather, excessive exposure to the sun and harsh chemicals and cosmetic products.

The main option for dealing with dry skin is to use cosmetic products designed for that purpose. However, no outside remedy can help if the problem is not also addressed from the inside. This is where fruit juices come in the picture. Natural, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices have healing and rejuvenating properties, they provide essential nutrients for the skin and they cleanse the body from the inside, eliminating toxins and waste materials. When the body is properly nourished and detoxified from the inside, the skin, which is a mirror for all that is going on inside the body, is bound to become younger-looking, thoroughly moisturized, fresh and shiny.

Juicing for dry skin

Juicing basically means using fresh, preferably organic fruit and vegetables and squeezing the juice out of them. Juicing is very popular today and there are thousands of juice bars that offer many healthy recipes, but those who prefer to do it at home and make their juices very simply and easily, all they need is a good blender and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

People who suffer from dry skin can choose from dozens of skin-rejuvenating and energy-boosting juice recipes that will significantly improve the appearance and texture of the skin.

One of the best juices for the overall skin improvement is the so-called Vegetable Eight. It combines one tomato, one quarter of a cucumber, one carrot, one celery stalk, a handful of fresh spinach, half of a red pepper, half a cup of cabbage and one green onion. All these ingredients should be placed in a juicer or a food processor and the juice should be drunk as soon as it is ready. This juice is a great natural skin toner and it provides nutrients that are necessary in prevention of skin dryness.

Another great juice for dry skin, called Skin Deep, is made from two beets with leaves, two cucumbers and five carrots. It is particularly recommended for dry skin caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

Runner’s Rise is a juice that improves skin texture and moisture. It is made from three oranges, two pears and one small yam.

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