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Losing weight is all about the people's mental strength and nothing more or less is needed. A person must really want to lose extra weight and to set the mind into it in order to reach the wanted body weight and shape. Why is the mind so important? Because it is all about elimination of bad lifestyle habits. Once those are out of the picture, everything else is much easier. And for that to happen, no muscles are needed, only the power of the brain.


Food, food, glorious food! It is something we cannot live without, something that makes most of our happy events even happier, which soothes us in the sad moments, but it is also something that a lot of earned money is spent on. Furthermore, food can create a lot of medical problems for us if wrong food and wrong amounts of it are used. Therefore, all those who are having problems with extra weight, really need to eliminate that problem. How can that be done? If no exercising is involved, things might be a bit more difficult and slower, but it can happen.

How to know what foods to eat to loose weight? Well, it might be easier to start with food that should not be eaten: cakes, cookies, food saturated with fat (pork, for example), white bread, soda juices (actually, all juices except for those made by squeezing fruits on the spot) etc. And another thing simply has to be mentioned – eating all this junk food might not be such a problem if overeating is not present! But it mostly is, so extra pounds begin to pile up easily. And the funny thing is that people actually enjoy the taste, not the food structure or amount. In order to enjoy the taste more, overeating emerges.


Food pyramid is one of the easiest and best things to use when food to eat and lose weight at the same time has to be chosen. It has several levels with the widest one at the base and the narrowest on the top. Base level includes all the food that can be eaten in really large amounts. This means that it contains very low levels of calories and cannot cause fat accumulation. Of course, those are vegetables and fruits, food rich in vitamins and minerals. Some fruit are rich in sugar, but those are simple sugars, which are easily processed in the organism, while sugar from junk food has a refined, complex structure. Next level in the pyramid also includes healthy food, but with a bit more calories, some cholesterol and fatty acids, so some caution must be present. Food commonly used from this level includes meat, fish, low fat dairy products, etc. And the last level is a level which should be avoided. Taking in something from that food can happen sometimes, but it simply must not become a habit.

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