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Eating is definitely something that a person cannot live without, but in many cases,it causes certain medical issues. What is the problem with eating and food?Well, there is none, but there is a problem in the head of people in the formof bad eating habits. People simply eat too much and also eat unhealthy food. Isthere a way, is it even possible to achieve eating healthy in a fast foodworld?


The problem with food is not so much related to the amount eaten, as it is with the quality and structure. A lot of food today contains substancesthat do not have any nutritive value. Those are artificial colors, artificial sweeteners,flavors, substances for prolonging the expiry date etc. It is obvious thatthese substances cannot help a person a lot, and what is even worse, those substances are not easily processed by the organism. And these foods areusually rich in bad sugars and saturated fat. When combined with overeating,additional pounds pile up easily.


Regulating weight is important for maintaining healthy status ofthe organism. Normal weight allows the body to distribute energy normally,libido levels are high and immune system is strong. All systems in the bodyfunction normally and that is the most important thing (cardiovascular system,digestive system, respiratory system etc.). But, how to keep the weight alwaysregular? Well, it is obvious, healthy food must be included. This means thatfruits and veggies will create the most of the daily menu. There should also befresh and healthy, low cholesterol meat (poultry), fish, whole grains, cereals,even dairy products (low in fat, of course). Things like juices, candies, cookies,soda juices, pork and high fat dairy products – all these should be reduced to aminimum.

There should also be many meals in a day, at least five.This regime will keep metabolism always active and that burns calories. This will also eliminate hunger, which is one ofthe main causes of increased eating. It has to be said that eating healthy ischeaper than eating unhealthy food, so it is much better to start a day with grapefruitor orange, either as fruit or squeezed juice, than with bacon and eggs. Eatingunhealthy food is not forbidden, but it is something that must not happenoften. Let’s say that one meal in a week may be unhealthy, rich in fat andsugar; something a person prefers. All other meals should be normal andhealthy.

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