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Eating is a process of inserting food into the mouth and it has to be done each day. Since this is an activity that we spend so much time and money on it should be as healthy as possible. How can this be done? Balanced, regular eating is needed in order not to gain more additional pounds. By slightly reducing the amount of calories we take in our weight can slowly and healthily be reduced.


There are many charts available that tell us what the nutrient values of many different food types are. Also, there is a pyramid with its levels that explains what type of food could be eaten in large quantities and what should be avoided as much as possible. The pyramid usually has three levels. the base is the lowest and widest level, which contains all the foods that are lower in calories and that are very healthy. This level includes vegetables and fruits as types of food that can be eaten in large quantities since calorie values are very low. Next level contains low fat meat, poultry, low fat dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese etc. Poultry is a healthy type of meat but there are also foods like buffalo wings (chicken wings to be more precise) where the calories in one serving do not go over the value of 200 for 5 pieces (and that is not much). Final level includes food rich with saturated fat, tons of calories etc. Of course, food from this level should be eaten as little as possible.


Creating a healthy menu is not that easy. Exact value of calories has to be set and ratio of nutrients eaten has to be respected. This means that most of the calories must come from carbohydrates, then from proteins, while fats should be included minimally. Healthy menu must include at least 5 meals in a day, three bigger and two smaller ones and bigger meals should not be large, just enough to fill the stomach and with a glass of water to make a person feel full. Two snacks have a role of preventing the hunger from taking over. Water is very important part of a daily menu and it should be taken as much as possible, during the entire day. It has its slight role in weight reduction and also, when a stomach is filled with water, hunger is gone and we eat less.

This does not mean that we should not treat ourselves with something we like from time to time. And also, if calories limit is not breached, things like pizza, juice, cakes, fatty meat can be used (as said, only occasionally).

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