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Maintaining health is the only thing that can be done for avoiding certain medical conditions, especially the ones that are more common when people become older. Keeping the health status in check does require certain things to be done, but it is not difficult at all, especially when we know there are many positive effects as a result of those mentioned things.

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Normal eating and increased physical activity are the base of a good health. We are basically animals, so eating and moving are essential things that define our physical aspect. When those two things are not applied normally, the health status might be greatly disturbed. Overeating, eating unhealthy and lack of physical activity will induce obesity, which can create certain medical problems, especially if these habits are present for a long time. With this said, it is obvious that healthy eating plans and exercise sessions should be combined for a health status to be positive.


When dieting is mentioned, people immediately think of some rigorous rules, which will keep them always hungry and on the verge of starvation. Dieting actually means eating healthy and properly. It is interesting how only eliminating unhealthy food from the menu can reduce weight and make the organism healthier. Of course, this might not happen over one night, but it also does not include any serious food restrictions, except for the mentioned junk food. Healthy eating plans must include eating at least 5 times in a day, and the amounts of food taken in through those meals should and will be reduced. Out of 5, three meals should be considered as breakfast, lunch and dinner, while two are snacks. Snacks should not be anything else but fruits, which are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals.

As for main courses, they must include a lot of veggies, sources of vitamins and fibers. Fibers are essential because they help with digestion process. Lower amount of food helps digestive tract in processing that food, which requires less energy and which happens much quicker than with large quantities. Main courses should contain some healthy meat as the source of proteins (poultry, fish). Dairy products are allowed, but only low fat variations and in small amounts. It is important to create a proper ratio of nutrients, which means that carbs should be taken mostly, proteins a bit less, while fats should be on the last spot.

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