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Desserts as such are the mostly notorious, especially when it comes to children. That is why preparinga dessert not high in unwanted substances and yet tasty and appealing to yourchild, often proves to be a task requiring a lot of effort and imagination inparticular. And if you seek to make it a healthy one on top of it all, getready because you are in for one bumpy ride towards the completion of yourgoal.

Sugar – extremelyimportant energy source

Children would not bechildren if they were to behave all the time and be quiet and obedient. It isin their nature to move around all the time, jump and run. But to be able to dothis, they need a lot of energy, which comes primarily from sugar intake. Andwhat is the better source for it then desserts? Despite many prejudices, aslong as you stick to those simple recipes you should not fear that your child wouldincrease its body mass or experience some other unfavorable side effects.

Unfortunately, manyparents believe that these savory snacks have the potential to do theirchildren more harm than good. This includes the present fear of sugaraddiction. What such, as well as all other parents should know is that almostevery type of food contains sugar to a certain extent, with one exception,meat. What's more, sugar is one of the most essential substances all childrenneed in order to grow up properly. Also, as long as you get your children usedto eating other healthy types of food, there is really no malice in allowingthem to eat some dessert every once in a while.

Ideas for healthydesserts:

Homemade muffinsFresh fruitGranola bars (also homemade)Dried raisins and apricotsAlmonds, walnuts and nuts.

You do not have to visitthat candy store in your neighborhood to provide your child with a tasty andappealing dessert. Instead, you can rather easily make some on your own, and inthe convenience of your own kitchen. When it comes to making those healthyones, you do not need to put in plain sugar or even eggs to make them proper.This way you will decrease the risk of an allergy of some sort in your child.

Healthy homemade dessertsfor children

Vanilla puddingAnimal shaped cookiesOat barsFruit yoghurtSesame cookiesFruit jam.

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