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Healthy Recipes for Children

Unlike the ready made supermarket “recipe”, if you take things in your hands, dishes and snacks you prepare for your children can be not only savory, but also extremely healthy ones. Thus have more faith in you, and leave the supermarket recommendations out. Many children think that organic food recipes tasted just awful, and thus were not healthy at all. What many children do not know is that actually foods like fruits (apples, pears, raspberries, prunes and alike), for example, fall into this category as well. But a healthy children’s breakfast cannot rely on fruits only and should be supplemented with other healthy food as well, and here vegetables come into play. Among those that children may find not only appealing, but also tasty, are such vegetables as Florence fennel, Daikon radish, cabbage (also Chinese cabbage that resembles lettuce), parsley, garlic greens, leek and alike.

Meals “rich in health”

Breakfast. What you need to do is first, in case you do not have it, purchase a blender (ideally the 1.5 liter type), because you will be needing this gadget a whole lot once you get hooked on this tasty breakfast recipe. Once you got yourself well equipped, you will need to buy shiitake mushrooms. Then you take them in dried form, and put three of them in the blender. Together with them you will also put one half of an orange (do not peel the skin), one carrot, one tomato, broccoli (three florets), garlic (2 cloves), also ginger root in the form of powder (2 tablespoons), brewer’s yeast (also 2 tablespoons), an apple, raisins (a handful), coconut oil (50 ml), and water (600 ml/1 pint). Optional: you can also crack two eggs into a glass and get them ready for pouring into the blender together with the rest, to add up to the overall flavor. Once the blending is done, then those two eggs are to be added and the new mixture is to be blended for another 10 minutes more. Once this finished, drink up and enjoy. As for dessert, you can treat your child with some bananas, either fresh or dried.

Lunch. The main course of the day can be concentrated around red cabbage and some fruit afterwards. As for a snack, you can treat your child with a mug of cocoa, since it has the same hunger-suppressant powers as chocolate.

Dinner. To end the day on a healthy note, one of the options is kangaroo mince stew, made together with garlic and seaweed, onions and 1.5 l of coconut oil. A pre-sleep snack could be almond nuts and raisins.

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