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Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and this is even more true when it comes to a child’s nutrition. Breakfast should be healthy and substantial, providing enough energy and important nutrients, but it should not be heavy.

Some children cannot seem to find time to eat breakfast so their parents have to be resourceful if they want their child to eat healthy. Cereals are a traditional breakfast that provide enough nutrients for the kids and it does not require a long preparation time.

The key for the child’s acceptance of cereals for breakfast lies in finding out which kinds work best for each individual child and the kinds they actually want to eat.

How to choose a breakfast cereal

Flavor is crucial for children. They do not care if the food is healthy or nutritious; they just want it to be tasty. Most kids like sweets and sweet food, even thought the parents are not exactly thrilled about having so much sugar in their child’s diet. There are many cereals that are sweet even though they do not contain too much sugar. Some brands, for example, use honey instead of sugar, completely or partially.

Appearance is another important element. Children like funny shapes and bright colors. Again, parents try to avoid foods that contain artificial colors, even though their kids seem to enjoy them so much.

This can be fixed by buying plain, uncolored cereal that comes in bright-colored boxes with cartoons and a child’s favorite characters.

Some brands of cereals are both healthy and nutritious and they appeal to children as well as to their parents.

Some cereal brands suggestions

Flavored Quaker Oatmeal comes in many different flavors so it is not hard to find one the child likes the best. This brand also offers microwaveable packets that are suitable for kids who are running late for school, as they can eat them on the go.

Cheerios are among the most famous and most loved cereal brands. They are tasty and nutritious and they go well with chunks of fresh fruit of a handful of berries. Honey Nut Cheerios are sweet but not sugary so they make a good choice for kids who particularly love the sweet flavor.

Frosted Flakes are among the children’s favorites, mostly thanks to their Tony the Tiger. They have no artificial coloring.

Honey Bunches of Oats, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Rice Krispies and Cinnamon Life seem to be favorites of both the children and their parents.

These are just some of many cereal brands out there. Another useful thing the parents can do is to introduce cereal bars to their children. They appear similar to candy bars, which most children love, only they are far healthier.

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