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Healthy Food Healthy Children

It is no secret that children like sweets; however, you should know how to fight the never ending battle of making them eat healthy sugar based food. Instead of giving in to junk food try to prepare them apple sauce and homemade oatmeal cookies made with honey or sugar substitute.

Make Sure You Prepare Food in an Interesting Way

Children like colors and interesting shapes so try to make their meal more fun to them. If instead of arranging vegetables in the ordinary dull way, you shape them into a smiley or a heart they will be more ready to try the “new” meal out.

It is Important How You Start Your Day

Cereals are not the best way for your kids to start their day. Try something different. You can start by introducing an pancakes and fruit or low fat syrup. Fruit, eggs, turkey bacon and cheese prepared in tortillas will be fun for them to eat and you will not worry that it will be another dull healthy meal prepared for them.

Avoid Drinks with Sugar

Flavored tonic water is always a good substitute for fruit drinks. Moreover, do not save time on buying fruit sodas and drinks but leave some time to healthy lifestyle and prepare them on your own. On the pother side nowadays you have individual juice boxes with straws, which contain pure fruit juice, are always fun for the little ones.

Do not Forget the Dinner

Pizza is always a hit for the kids and the grownups, especially if you add vegetables and healthy cheese which cannot be noticed by the little eyes that easily. Moreover you can also always make tacos or fish sticks and chicken strips prepared in oven rather than pan. The children will not see the difference.

It is the approach that matters. Children hear from us that the healthy food is not tasty and thus they avoid eating them. However, if you are willing to take the different approach so are they. Moreover, do not limit your kids by presenting only a few types of healthy food but try to open their eyes by showing them that they can choose on their own what they like and dislike. Help them express themselves throughout food. And do not forget- children learn from us. If you do not pay attention to what they eat they will not either. We are the role models to them. You will be surprised by how much they will change once you introduce to them the healthy habit in your own house. Once you show them what is healthy and good for them, you will see how much they will change at home as well as when they are out.

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