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In this text, we will give you some advice about the healthy snacks for toddlers and children. Three meals a day are not sufficient to give a child all the necessary supplements and calories that they can spend in their every day activity.


To see a baby who has eaten all of its meal at once is really a rare sight. They do it slowly, they drag and play with food. That is why a parent should provide snacks, along with meals. The problem lies in finding the snack that is healthy and amusing at the same time. We all know that their body needs a lot of vitamins, proteins, minerals and fiber. So, how to find a snack that they will eat? Three snacks a day are a perfect measure for a toddler. An amount of food that should be given is following: one tablespoon of food for each year of your child. So, if a child has three years, you should give it three tablespoons of food.


Children who prepare to enlist in school should consume for their snack cheese and crackers, pancakes, Graham crackers with milk, yogurt and fresh fruit. You can make homemade fruit yogurt, and your child will receive many nourishing supplements in a natural and sugar-free way. And, we can avoid the cereals; children love them because of the presents that they often get in a package of a cereal. You can be inventive and try something new. For example, you can mix pieces of fresh fruit with cereals and yogurt, or make a combination that your child will find interesting. If you have a blender, you can make all sorts of shakes with fruit and vegetable. A child can admire the colors and drink or eat with appetite. If your child is small, you shouldn’t let it eat popcorns or peanuts, as it may choke. Snacks like chocolate bars, hot dogs, hard candies and nut present a danger for children, so try to avoid giving them.

Homemade granola bar is a homemade recipe that you can prepare for your child. It is a bar made out of brown sugar, rice cereal, vanilla, oatmeal, chocolate chips, peanut butter and corn syrup. Everything except peanut butter and vanilla should be boiled and sugar and vanilla are added at the final stir. When it cools of (in 10 minutes), add chocolate chips and spread it and cut it in a shape of a bar. Children will love it! As a parent, you have a duty to develop a healthy habit of eating in your child. The best time for it is a time when you have a control over the schedule of toddler’s eating. You should always carry with you those healthy snacks, so if a baby gets hungry, you will have something to give to your baby.

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