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No matter where you planned for your children to spend the summer holidays, you still want them to eat healthy foods and snacks, and have healthy diets as well. The best choice are foods organic in nature, devoid of any preservatives, no zero trans fats to be found, and without corn syrup that is high in fructose. In order to make the entire effort much easier for parents, the snacks recipes found in continuation of this text have all been tested and approved by kids from 1 to 8 years of age. And those that they did not favor, well, let us just say that they are not worth mentioning at all.
Healthy Recipes
GoGo Squeez – this is actually an applesauce that is mass devoid and best of all, it is purchasable in squeezable packages that can be re-sealed. When it comes to flavors, there exist no less than five flavors with no sugar added and those are the following – basic apple, cinnamon, banana and strawberry. As for the dosage, one package is the same as one serving of fruit. Homemade Harvey – this is the first cousin of GoGo Squeez and it comes also in squeezable packages rich with fruit, organic in nature, of course. Flavours at child’s disposal are kiwi/banana/strawberry, pear/apple/spice and mango/passion fruit/banana/pineapple.
“Pro’s” and “Con’s”
As most of us already know, those beverages that are extremely rich in sugar, such as various sodas and juices, have been directly related to the occurrence of obesity in children. On the other hand, we are all also aware that children most certainly do not enjoy in water that long. Some of the solutions to this problem are:
Honest Kids Organic Juice Quenchers – known to have only half of the entire amount of sugar that other juices offer, they are rich in vitamin C and are easily made in the comfort of your home. As a matter of fact, many parents do make them on a daily basis – a mixture of a juice and some water, and there you have it. Among those most adored by children are Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness, Tropical Tango Punch, and Appley Ever After. Lifeway Foods’ ProBug Smoothies – these represent smoothies that are organic in nature and based on kefir. The flavors at disposal are extremely exotic and include Strawnana Split, Orange Creamy Crawler, Sublime Slime Lime and Goo-Berry Pie. For those who are not all that familiar with kefir, it is similar to yogurt and the taste is alike, but it is more rich in probiotics than a regular yogurt and thus more healthier for your child. WooHoo Food’s Gudernoobs – are natural treats made into a byte sized individual packages, in such flavors as apple, date, walnut, raisin, peanuts, banana, cocoa, cinnamon, and vanilla.

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