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Every parent wishes the very best of health for their children. Problem is that is sometime easier said then done. Providing that you, as apparent, knows enough about the importance of healthy diet for kids, it still leaves the problem of hoe to make them eat healthy food, and not the bed one. Our suggestion is to make food look funny and appealing, ant if you can, makes it as colorful as possible. You can a lot try little trick in order to keep them interested, and allow them to eat healthy meals, in the same time. Here are little advices and tips on how to do that.

Tips on how to make healthy breakfast for children

For sandwiches, you may try grilled cheese and ham, or jelly and peanut butter. Try with the combination of foods that children will eat, and that is in the same time healthy and nutritious.

You should also not worry too much about what kind of food is normal for breakfast; if it is healthy and nutritious, let the children eat it, and if it seems funny as a food choice for breakfast, do not worry, it is probably just a phase that will soon pass.

You should try to avoid the donuts, pasties and cereals for breakfast. Those kinds of food raise sugar pretty fast, and the child will feel a sudden drop of sugar level in the blood later in the day, especially because much of that food are high in calories and low in nutritional values.

If you can find a recipe for healthy cookies on the internet, or if you maybe already know one, than why not have cookies for breakfast. You can make cookies with dried fruit, oatmeal, nuts or raisins. They will be healthy and children will love them.

Keep always in mind the age of your children. Their taste for various types of food will change according to their age, any you must not make mistake of forcing on them something the did like last year, but instead, try to experiment more with a new kinds of food.

Peanut butter is everybody’s favorite. You can try peanut butter on waffles, bananas, toast, bagels or apples. Peanut butter contains high concentration of proteins and it id a food for brain.

You can also try to make various types of fruit dips, together with low fat dairy products. You can use cream cheese, or yogurt, and let the kids dip the fruits into the yogurt.

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