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Protein and kids

Children need a lot of energy from their food because they lead very active lives.

Namely, they need foods that are high in protein. Children might not be getting all of the minerals and nutrients they need for their daily diet, because they often crave and et junk food a lot and are very picky about their food, usually avoiding all kinds of vegetables and anything that has the color green anywhere near it.

Often, the parents will just give in and let the child eat junk food, because in any other circumstances, the child would not have eaten anything all day.

However, there is a good solution for this, because there are many delicious snacks that can be appealing to children, are healthy, and contain enough protein to keep the child active all day.

Children also need a lot of protein because they grow very rapidly.

High Protein Snacks

Eggs are an excellent snack that can be made up in a way that a child will want to eat them.

One egg will contain enough protein for a five year old child to be active all day.

There are great ways to experiment with serving eggs in order to make the child want to eat it.

A parent can hard boil the egg and then put it into fun pieces, or they can scramble the eggs and wrap them in a delicious tortilla that a child will not be able to resist.

Nuts and seeds are also excellent high protein foods. They can be combined with dry fruits in order to make a very tasty and also healthy snack for children. They are very easy to eat, and the kids can even eat them on the go, which makes it a really convenient snack as well. Just throw some seeds and nuts into the child’s pockets and they are ready to go.

However, it is better to not allow very small children to eat nuts, because they could choke on them.

The best way to make a child eat a healthy sandwich is to make it appealing to them in some way. A healthy, high-protein sandwich can be made from tuna, chicken or even peanut butter. It is all up to the presentation in the end. If the parent makes the sandwich look good, cuts it into small sizes, takes off the crust perhaps, a child will be more likely to want to eat it. They can even draw a smiley face with ketchup on it.

A healthy and tasty dip to give the children is one made of hummus, because it is filled with protein.

A child will almost never want to drink a plain glass of milk. Therefore, making a tasty milkshake is the best option. The best way is to make the shake with a fruit the child enjoys eating, maybe strawberries or blueberries perhaps.

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