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Children and food

It is very important for children to eat healthy foods. Usually, children love to eat things that are not healthy for them, like junk food, and sweets. They are allowed to eat these types of things every once in a while, but it is of extreme importance for a child to have a balanced diet.

Often children will not want to eat things are healthy for them, usually because they do not come in fun-looking packaging and they generally don’t look too interesting.

However, there are ways to make healthy food more enjoyable and fun for children.

How to get children to eat healthy food

A good way to make a child want to eat more healthy food is by making the food look more fun. Cutting it into fun shapes and making the appearance more appealing can make the children want to eat this type of food more.

There are ways to make normal food seem more fun. For example, instead of just giving the child a regular, every day ham and cheese sandwich, wrap it in a tortilla or pita bread and it immediately becomes more exciting.

When making muffins, a person can make a smiley face out of raisins or put a cool and funny design into a vegetable dip so that the children will find it more appealing.

Usually a child will not want to eat and apple if a person just gives them a whole one. Cut the apple into smaller slices and give them some yogurt to dip it in.

Cookie cutters can work wonders. Use them to turn the pancakes into different shapes. A person can buy cookie cutters in a variety of styles, everything from starts and spaceships to animal shapes.

Bread for sandwiches can also be shaped with these cutters.

Put a banana on a stick and throw some nuts or raisins on it. Then put it in the freezer. What comes out is a health snack that looks like a Popsicle and is delicious, but is much healthier than a Popsicle.

When making a pizza, allow the child to participate and put the toppings on by themselves. Give them a large variety of colorful healthy foods to choose from as toppings.

It is a well known fact that a child is more likely to eat something that it has had a part in making, because it is more fun and interesting that way.

Noodles and pasta come in many different shapes, and there are fun shapes available for children as well. A child will rather eat pasta that is shaped like an animal or a balloon than a regular pasta that looks like something an adult would eat.

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