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Enjoy healthy desert

We all like to eat deserts, butthey are usually unhealthy and we gain weight by eating them. However, there isa way to enjoy in that sweet taste and to maintain the health. Here we will revealthe facts about deserts that can affect our health and the things we should doto fix that.


Hydrogenated fat is present inmany deserts, including ice cream, and this fat causes problems withcholesterol level. We should choose those deserts that are made of unsaturatedfat, because they are much healthier. The products that contain this fat aresoy, pudding and different kinds of nuts.


The studies have shown thatchocolate is healthy for our vascular system, but this fact doesn’t justifyeating just any kind of chocolate. The chocolates that contain milk andhydrogenated fat are not healthy.


You should avoid white flour andinstead use flour that contains whole grains of wheat. White flour is extremelyunhealthy and, if you make cakes, it is best not to use it. You can purchasecakes made of unrefined flour at natural food stores.


The opinions on what sweetener touse are divided. Some experts say that high fructose corn syrup can be freelyused, while others think that it causes people to be fat. Artificialsweeteners, especially saccharin is not recommended by FDA. There is asweetener that is naturally made and very healthy, and that is honey. Not onlyis it beneficial for our health, but it is also very tasty.


You can make your desert sweet byadding fruit in it. It is best to use grapes and berries, because they containlots of vitamins and minerals, and they are helping your body to get rid offree radicals.


Here is one instruction formaking a healthy desert, which is also easy to prepare. You can put any otherfruit inside and it will still be delicious. If you want to make a grape yogurtdessert for four, you will need 24 oz of non-fat yoghurt, 1 spoon of vanilla,honey (1 ½ spoons), 1 oz of sliced almonds and grapes without seed. Youshould mixture yogurt, vanilla and honey all together. After that, mix it withgrapes, put it in small bowls and then in the fridge. When it is completelycold, you can scatter almonds over the desert. This desert is healthy, tastyand won’t get you fat.

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