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When preparing food to bring on a picnic, whether it is healthy or not does not usually come to mind. The picnic lunches tend to be full of all kinds of fried meat, potatoes in many forms, and other types of food that are full of calories and fat and just far from being healthy and nutritious. Luckily, making sure to bring healthy food on a picnic does not require any additional effort whatsoever, on the contrary – it is quite simple and undemanding.

The best kinds of salad dishes to bring on a picnic

The part of the salad that obviously can’t be unhealthy are the vegetables. However, there are other things to pay attention to, such as the salad dressing. The most basic thing to pay attention when choosing the salad dressing is to pick one with the least calories possible. For example, people who like putting mayonnaise into their salad should find the light one which has minimal calories. This goes for mustard, sour cream or any other kind of dressing that is used for the salad. Another thing to do when making a salad for a picnic is put small pieces of meat, such as chicken, turkey or fish. These kinds of salad are very tasty and appetizing. Finally, choosing olive oil instead of vegetable oil to give additional flavor to the salad is a much healthier option.

The best kinds of food to grill on a picnic

There is not much to say about grilling food, apart from the most basic thing, which is that the selection of meet meant for the grilling is highly recommended to be low-fat. That includes any kind of meat, from hot dogs, to bratwurst, to sausages. Seafood and chicken without the skin are also good ideas for grilling. Another delicious treat when it comes to grilling is grilled vegetables. From peppers to mushrooms, grilled vegetables make for a succulent tasty dish.

The best kinds of desserts to bring on a picnic

The answer to what the best and healthiest choice of desserts for a picnic might be is, of course, fruits. Fruits are sweet, juicy and fresh, and a perfect choice for any kind of dessert in any situation, and that includes picnics as well. Brining just plain whole fruits is more than enough, but some people like to make fruit salads as well. But, regardless in what form, fruits are a very good picnic choice. However, if some people feel that this might not be dessert enough for them, they can always make the so-called Angel food cake which is made with fresh berries and light whipped cream topping. This kind of cake is very low in calories and fat and quite acceptable. The important thing is not to indulge into heavy cakes filled with chocolate and butter.

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