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Children will believe anything they hear. At school, if your child hears another child state that he/she hates vegetables and that they are degusting, your child will suddenly develop a dislike for vegetables probably without knowing what they are. It is imperative that children are taught what a vegetable is and what a fruit is and why it is important to eat them. Nowadays, we are not limited to steaming vegetables and stacking them on the plate in a terrifying mound. They can be snuck into meals and slowly revealed over time if they need to be. Children like to make decisions and feel trapped when they only have one choice. So try offering two or three choices of vegetables with dinner and let them know they have to choose them at least that way you are both winning. Follow the below tips to help you make sure your children get the nutrition they need.

Naturally Sweet and Sugary Drinks

The majority of children naturally love sweat foods like chocolate, candies and cakes. So instead of allowing them to scoff out on these foods, try offering apple sauce or you can make some homemade oatmeal cookies but prepare them with a substitute for sugar. You can even buy the fruit rolls that are made with one hundred percent fruit which are still sweet enough to satisfy your child. To change your child’s drinking habits is not too difficult, just replace the coke/sprite/fanta with a flavored tonic water or a fresh fruit juice. For the packed lunches you can provide your child with a fruit drink box.

Making Healthy Meals Fun and a Healthy Start to the Day

Keep it fun for your child, take the time to present the food to them in a smiley face or something that will entertain them. For breakfast you do not need to feed your child with the ready to eat cereals every day. Try making bran pancakes with low-sugar syrup and/or some fruit. Another fun breakfast idea is to make a whole-wheat tortilla and have it filled with fruit, scrambled egg, or even a little cheese and turkey bacon. It is so fun to eat that your child won’t notice that it is actually good for them.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are a favorite among children. Try slicing up vegetables and serve them with a dressing dip. You can also serve a snack of fruit pieces in a bowl. Keep it simple and serve a sandwich without the crusts coupled with some carrot sticks and slices of cheese.

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