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And, just like with the food eaten at home, all it takes to make sure that the food brought on a picnic is not completely loaded with calories and soaked in fat is to plan the meals in advance and pay attention to the ingredients of the picnic dishes. That way, everyone going on a picnic can just relax completely and not count the calories or worry about skipping dessert.

What kind of food is best to start with?

When it comes to choosing what kind of food to bring and serve before the main course, the simplest option would be to bring raw, fresh vegetables. First of all, they don’t require any additional effort aside from washing and packing them, and secondly, they are juicy and delicious. As for which ones to bring, everyone should feel free to choose by their own preference, since they are all more than healthy. Celery, carrots, all kinds of peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes are all very welcome.

However, some people can’t eat vegetables without any kind of side dish, like a dip or something similar. But unfortunately, many dips that are used in these situations are very high in calories. The much healthier alternatives would be hummus, salsa, fat-free bean dip. An additional recommendation is to try a dip which is made like a mixture of low-fat yoghurt or cottage cheese with the spices and herbs that one most enjoys.

What kinds of salads are best to prepare for a picnic?

Salads that are usually associated with picnics include potatoes, pasta, tuna, eggs, and include dressings such as mayonnaise, therefore, they are a complete nightmare when it comes to the amount of calories they have.

Obviously, this high-calorie ingredients need to be switched with some healthier alternatives. That means changing pasta, potatoes and similar ingredients for more healthy vegetables. However, for those who just do not wish to give up their pasta, they can at least make sure to buy the whole grain kind. As for the dressings, it’s important to choose those that contain the least oil possible.

What kinds of meat are best to bring for the grill?

While hamburgers and hotdogs might be delicious, they are also the kind of food that goes into the category of unhealthy. Instead of them, it’s recommended to try turkey burgers or chicken breasts without the skin, as well as any kind of fish. Another thing that tastes great when grilled are the vegetables.

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