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Easily Substitute Fats in Your Everyday Diet

There are many ways in which a person could avoid the intake of the extra fat on a daily basis. The substitutes aren't always all too obvious, but on the other hand there are many cases in which they, painfully so are, such as:

the use of low fat cottage cheese instead of full cream cheese, or

brine-packed tuna, instead of tuna packed in oil.

This article offers hints and tips of substitutes a person looking to lose the extra baggage may find useful – and on a daily basis – whether it be in the home, at work or while eating out.

First off, and before we get into particular meals and situations, here's an extension to the above list.

High-fat types of cheese such as cheddar etc, may be replaced by their low-fat ones such as Edam, Cottage, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Gouda.

Chips and french fries could be cut into thicker pieces and then baked in the oven, instead of fried in a pan.

Chocolate (preferably of the highest possible quality) should be eaten moderately, and alternatively replaced by jelly babies and such.

Using low-fat yogurt and evaporated skim milk as well as low-fat cream.

Clear soups could be used instead of cream soups.

Using croissants, bread rolls, finger buns, pastries and Bagels instead of the usual.

Low fat custards.

Doughnuts, crumpets, plain scones, raisin loaf...

Ice cream with reduced fat.

Preferring fat-free cuts of meat such as lean beef or trim lamb.

Checking Muesli Bars for fat, buying breakfast bars and power bars.

Eating filo pastry and reduced fat pies.

Pretzels instead of potato chips.

Using vinegar or lemon juice for salad dressings.

Eating wheat crisp bread.

Buying plain biscuits, whet meal, and lastly...

Buying lower-fat TV meals.

Now for the tips on particular meals...


It is possible to reduce butter by only having it on the last slice one eats. Eating fruit smoothies, or mixing up a personal blend of cereal for breakfast, instead of eating a “full one”, is another good idea.


If a person eats lunch away from home, planning it and making sandwiches the night before is recommended. Buying a cool bag to make sure the lunch is fresh is also a good tip, as is trying one of those thick vegetable soups. A fresh bred roll may be used to dip.


Over-baking potato wedges and then topping them with salsa, trying fresh pasta with tomato and basil sauce are just two excellent ideas. Desserts don't always have to involve chocolate and the like, they can also be fresh fruit with yogurt topping.


...may be:

salsa dip with pretzels

plain fruit


vanilla dairy custard

and so forth.

And hopefully, these tips can also be useful to determine available substitutes in other situations, such as before/after working out, snacks at work, choosing plane meals, ordering food at a hotel restaurant or take away, etc.

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