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Birthday cakes

When it comes to assessing their nutritional value, birthday cakes truly are a nightmare. They contain so many of the ingredients that are considered not very healthy, and in such large quantities as well.

Birthday cakes are full of ingredients that are so high in fat like processed sugar, butter and eggs. However, there is a bright side to this issue because there are some alternative ways to make birthday cakes that are actually considered to be healthy.

Of course, they cannot be completely devoid of the unhealthy ingredients, but they can at least be more nutritious.

Can a cake be made without eggs?

Making a birthday cake that is free of eggs significantly affects the final outcome when it comes to the health level of the cake itself. Regardless whether the cake is made or bought, there are ways to avoid eggs.

When making cakes, there are a lot of egg substitutes that can be found in supermarkets and they represent a much healthier alternative.

On the other hand, should the parents decide to purchase a birthday cake rather than make it, the way to choose an egg-free cake is to buy a so-called vegan cake.

This is the only certain way to avoid having eggs put in the cake because sometimes, even those cakes that are said to have egg substitutes tend to still contain eggs. Anyhow, vegan cakes are not that easy to find, therefore, they can only be located in very particular health stores or ordered from bakeries that include them on the menu.

Does the general cake flavor make a difference?

One may wonder if a general flavor of the cake makes any difference whatsoever, and the answer is simply that it does, indeed.

Fruit cakes, such as those which have the dominant apple, banana or carrot flavor are a far more favorable solution than chocolate cakes and other similar “heavy” cakes. This is because they are way lower in the level of sugar they contain, and a much healthier choice at that.

What kind of frosting should a healthy cake have?

Frosting is often possibly the worst part of the cake when it comes to the quantity of unhealthy ingredients it contains. The frosting of a cake tends to be quite creamy and thick and alarmingly full of sugar and fat.

This kind of frosting could be switched with a mixture of organic yogurt and cream cheese. Those who really dislike organic yogurt can have a frosting made entirely out of cream cheese.

And, while cream cheese is delicious, perhaps the best substitute for regular frosting may be whipped cream.

Whipped cream can be made at a quite low-fat quality and with the addition of a moderate amount of sugar, it can be just as appetizing and yummy as the regular frosting.

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