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There is no question about it every postpartum body needs some tender, love and care! In the days after you give birth to your baby, you'll feel sore, low on energy, and perhaps a bit blue as well as happy over the arrival of your little one. Pregnancy and birth can take quite a lot from your body, and a vitamin boost can help you recover. What vitamin bombs can you make with your juicer?

Before you start juicing, I'll tell you that I know juicing can create quite a mess and you probably won't feel like cleaning it up. Get your partner to make you juices, or get a dishwasher (if you don't already have one). Here are some juice combos that will help you with postpartum recovery:

1. Pelvic cleansing juice

Cranberries have been proven to be good for the bladder they are often used in cystitis medications. Postpartum mothers are at special risk of urinary tract infections, so using fresh cranberries in your juice will do you the world of good! Comine cranberries with apples, grapes, or pears (or a combination). Cranberries are quite bitter, so you may like to add some honey too. Mix one cup of cranberries with several apples, an apple and a pear, or a cup of grapes and two apples.

2. Energy boost

I love the potent mix of orange, apple, carrot and a lump of fresh ginger. This juice is full of vitamin C, and will give you a lift up when you need it! Use two oranges, two apples, around five small carrots and a small lump of ginger.

3. Nettle juice

We have written about the benefits of Nettle Tea in pregnancy before. Stinging nettles have amazing amounts of vitamins and minerals, and are good for the whole body. Nettles are among the most iron-rich foods possible! You will need gloves if you are going to put them in a juicer, but the hassle is worth it. You can use nettles in combination with apples, oranges, and cucumber (yes, really!) for a great juice that will help your health!

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