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We have everything we need in order to live a healthy and productive life right there in the nature around us. Natural cures and nutritive substances had been around even before humans first appeared on this planet. In fact, natural fruit and vegetable juices are all you need for boosting your energy and health. It is a well known fact. Thus, read the remainder of this article in order to learn how to prepare your own natural energy drinks.

Why Juicing?

First of all, you benefit from drinking natural juices immediately since these are absorbed by your body as soon as you consume them. Thus, you get your dose of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients instantaneously.

Moreover, eating fruits and vegetables in their raw form can be quite bothersome and you might feel full quickly. However, you can drink a larger amount of fruit and vegetable juices, supplying your body with more healthy substances than you can possibly imagine.

Finally, by making juices naturally you get all the benefits from your drinks. On the other hand, once you buy juices sold in stores, you gain less from their consumption, since they contain additives while lacking many of the crucial substances, due to the fact that these have been destroyed during the pasteurization process.

Make Your Own Juices!

Drink your first natural juice as soon as you wake up every morning. Once you do this, wait for about 10 minutes until you have your breakfast. Also, be careful not to leave the juice lying around. Rather, drink it as soon as possible, delivering all the nutrients directly to your body while they are completely fresh.

Additionally, do not throw the pulp away. Mix it with bread or muffins and eat it this way, providing your body with excellent source of fiber.

The process of your juice making should go something like this: firstly, you are to wash vegetables and fruits, making them clean. Next, know that if you do not have to peel the fruit or the vegetable, do not do it.

That is basically it, because the next part is pure creativity. For example, you can run carrots through your juicer without peeling them, mixing them with apples or other fruits and vegetables since carrots are great for these kinds of combinations, acting as basis. Moreover, children love these kind of healthy mixes.

As for other vegetables and fruits, cut celery into 3-4 inch pieces before you place it into the juicer. Also, you need to cut apples into adequate slices before inserting them in the machine, with or without their core. As far as melons are concerned, you need to remove the rinds, keeping the seeds.

Finally, for a great combo drink, you can mix tomatoes and many other types of fruits and vegetables, finding the healthiest, tastiest combination. Keep in mind that you need to have adequate juicers for this purpose.

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