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Nettle is asort of the flowering plant which is known for its ability to sting. However, whilethe plant may be repelling when one encounters it somewhere, its content isactually extremely valuable and includes many vital nutrients. Thanks to itsimportant properties, such as iron, chlorophyll, vitamins and a number ofminerals, it has found its use in medicine a long time ago. The best way to getthese essential nutrients into the body is in the form of tea, as it providesnumerous health benefits.

The calmingeffect of nettle tea

First ofall, nettle tea is known for its mild and soothing effect which can be helpfulin dealing with many different issues. For example, nettle tea will relieve theinflammation and aching in joints and soreness in the muscles, but it will alsobe able to relieve the symptoms of conditions such as arthritis and goutdisease.

Theantibodies in nettle tea

Also,nettle contains a particular kind of protein called lectin, which does not fallunder the category of those proteins that are considered to be antibodies;however, it behaves as such. What itdoes is destroy all the harmful toxins from the body, keeping it healthy andrevitalized and it protects it from many diseases.

Nettle teaworks as a diuretic

Furthermore,nettle tea is known to work as a kind of diuretic, which means that it promotesthe formation of urine by the kidneys. By keeping the urine in order, nettletea ensures that no damaging waste will be held up in the body for too long andit will also take care of the accumulated bacteria and uric acid. As for thosewho have issues with waking up in the middle of the night with the need tourinate, they can be sure that this does not happen once nettle tea isintroduced as a regular part of the diet.

Vitamins inthe nettle tea

Nettle teais also quite rich in vitamins, which include vitamins A, C, D, E and K. Therereally isn’t much to add on that matter, as everyone is already familiar withhow important the regular consumption of vitamins in as large quantities aspossible is. Each of these vitamins has a number of particular uses in theorganism and they all work as immune system boosters, not to mention just howpowerful they are together in a combo.

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