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Stomach aches are usually caused by the disorder of the stomach or of the intestines. It might be gastritis that has provoked bloating, gasses and stomach pain, but ulcers are also known to cause similar problems. Food poisoning and irritation of the lining of the stomach are also frequently linked with stomach aches. Since stomach pain is not a pleasant sensation, many people reach for pain killers from the pharmacy, to relieve the ache. However, these drugs are in most cases associated with adverse effects, and some of them might provoke constipation as a side effect.

Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

Many drinks can help you resolve the problem with your stomach. Some of the simplest are: lukewarm water and teas, lemon juice in warm water, salt and sugar in a glass of warm water, combination of mint and lime juices, glass of water with aniseeds soaked overnight or simply a glass of plain soda.

Pomegranate seeds with salt and black pepper can also help you with stomach pain. Menstrual stomach pains can be resolved if you avoid salt and caffeinated drinks during that time of the month and consume more food rich in vitamin B, calcium and iron. Apple skin and some ginger can also be eaten to relieve stomach aches.

Heat pad or a bottle with warm water placed to the area that hurts the most is very likely to decrease the pain you are feeling in the abdomen.

As many mothers know, kids suffering from stomach pains can easily be calmed down using chamomile tea, buttermilk with a teaspoon of coriander juice or simply by giving them fruit juices made of apples, pears, oranges, papaya or grapes.

Herbal Preparations Helpful for Stomach Ache

Herbal teas are known to help many people experiencing stomach pain. Chamomile tea, on its own or combined with some other herbs like slippery elm, is an effective remedy for stomach problems. Teas made from valerian root, peppermint or St. John’s worth are also highly helpful with stomach aches.

Massaging the abdominal area with some essential oils can also help. Try arnica essential oil next time you experience some unpleasant stomach ache, because many people claim that this remedy was very useful. Juice from the fresh aloe vera leaves is yet another useful remedy when used for massage of the stomach to relive the pain.

Ginger can be used in various ways for stomach ache. Make the tea from the ginger root and drink it, or simply squeeze the juice from fresh ginger and massage the belly with it. Any of these methods should help you.

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