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Healthy Juicing

Eating recommended 5 fruits every day prove to be, at least sometimes a “mission impossible”. Taking a juice is an easy way to get enough fruits in your everyday diet. Also, you might use vegetables to make the juice, or mix and match however you want. Whatever you make out of the fresh fruits and vegetables will be a healthy and fast food. It will take literally couple of minutes to make some raw fresh juice and it will be the healthiest fast food you have ever tried.

When eating raw fruits and vegetables, your body must break down the food and then process and use the nutrients. Fresh juice contains the same nutrients, but it’s easier for your body to assimilate them. This provides more time to detoxification and cleanse of the body and more time to actually rest.

Raw fruits and veggies are still recommended to be used, the fibers from them are highly appreciated. Some specialists claim that freshly squeezed juice is the best thing for your body in the morning, providing so much needed vitamins, enzymes and minerals. After your body wakes up, you could eat all the raw fruits or vegetables you want, whole day.

Hydration is necessary for good health, because our body is made out of water. Some substances, like coffee, alcohol and soft drinks, take the water away. It leaves the cells without the water, which damages all cell functions. Raw fresh juices are good for the body, because they provide water and restore the fluids in the body. Juices are also rich in many substances dissolved in the water, like minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and phytochemicals. Drinking raw fresh juices alkalize the body, improving the immune system and metabolism.

What To Use

Pre-made juice in a bottle may contain almost anything. You could never know what they use to produce the juice, and there is a possibility that fruits and/or vegetables used for the drink were raised with pesticides and chemicals. Some of these ingredients might seriously damage your health.

When making your own raw fresh juice use organic food. Organic fruits and veggies are pesticides and chemicals free and definitely the best choice you could make for your health.

Make a healthy habit, do it for yourself and for your family- a healthy juice every day will make the body stronger and healthier. Your heart, bones and immune system will be stronger, and your body will have more time to detoxify.

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