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It is obvious that lives we are leading today are far from healthy and this is not because of bad eating habits only; there are other bad things we are doing to ourselves. For example, we are allowing stress to dictate our lives, sometimes, it even changes us mentally and saying that is not good or healthy is truly an understatement. While dealing with mental issues and stress is a serious situation that requires medical experts, dealing with weight is something we can do on our own and have success, complete or partial.


The only thing needed for weight reduction is choosing a method properly. For this, we have to be honest with ourselves and eliminate those methods that might prove to be too tough and almost impossible. Unfortunately, those are usually the healthiest methods, including intensive physical activity and normal, healthy eating. Physical activity is something that should be a normal, standard part of our lives and it can battle not only excessive fat tissue, but also the stress mentioned above. Some say that problems at work (which usually cause stress) look pointless after a hard and intensive workout session. Healthy eating is a type of diet that should last for life. This type of eating allows eating something we should not, but only on rare occasions. Since the difference between the energy input and output with this type of diet is small, weight reduction happens slowly but steadily. And most importantly, the lost pounds usually do not return, which is a constant danger with fast diets.

What we choose

Usually, that is an easy way out that refers to a two week wonder diet that will make the pounds and all other problems disappear as if erased with one swoosh of the magic wand. One of such diets that actually has some sense is a master cleanse. Weight loss on master cleanse is just one of the several positive effects. Colon cleansing and the elimination of many toxins piled up in the body are additional benefits that actually help the body in reaching the healthy state. Master cleanse allows using only 4 ingredients and those are maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, all of those being mixed in filtered water. This might seem like a rigorous diet, on the verge of starvation, but it actually isn't, because this mixture contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins needed for normal functioning, with the exception of carbs and fats that we need to reduce anyway.

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