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What are the options when it comes to losing weight? What can be done in order to get rid of those excessive pounds, but not only temporarily, but for good?


There are diets and then there are good diets. People like to think that by using a fast, fad diet, things will be as they want in the matter of weeks, which is far from truth. The problem with fast diets is that they are based not only on reducing the fat tissue, but also on reducing muscle tissue and excessive water, as well as on colon cleansing. All of this will definitely cut down a lot of pounds, but it requires drastic lifestyle changes to continue on even when the diet is over. Unfortunately, this is what most of people simply cannot do, which is why those lost pounds, sadly, return.

Healthy eating

Ornish diet is one of the healthy choices for obese people. There are 2 basic ways to take off weight with the ornish diet. Actually, there are two types of menu and one of them is for those who are in need to reduce weight and avoid possible medical issues that might come along. The other is for those who already suffer from some medical problem because of weight, but who still need to return to normal values.

Ornish diet is a vegetarian type of diet, meaning that no meat is allowed, and fish either. When it comes to the nutrient ration, it is still basically the same, but with a bit more carbohydrates than in any other menu. Grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables are allowed to consume in enormous amounts. Yes, this is one of those diets that allow a person to eat as much as he or she wants, as long as the food is not on the banned list.


The only problem that might emerge regarding this diet is related to the strict rules – some people simply cannot go on without eating some meat once in a while. This is what makes some people stop using ornish diet after a while. Ornish diet is more of a lifestyle change than a restrictive diet and that is where the problem is. People are prepared to change but only for a while, as in fast diets, but to change for good, well, that is something else; something that many are not prepared for. This is why ornish diet also allows and recommends dealing with stress in any way possible, through physical activity, mediation, yoga etc.

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