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Problems with obesity might cause several medical issues that should be avoided because they can induce certain serious health complications. Those complications are related to heart tissue and levels of cholesterol, glucose, fats etc.
Weight reduction
There is only one problem that comes with dieting and that is the pounds that you regain after weight loss. This usually happens after following strict diet plans for quick and effective weight loss. People usually return to old eating habits, which means that another diet should be used after the first one. The second diet must not be so strict, because it should last for the time it takes to lose all extra weight. This means that it should actually be a healthy and well balanced diet. Healthy eating includes 5 meals a day with only healthy food included. Many meals in a day will ensure that hunger will not be present and that is very important. Two minor meals should include fruits because they contain a lot of vitamins and healthy carbs. Vegetables must be present too, because of minerals and vitamins. Meat and things like dairy products must be present as well, but in lesser amounts. As for meat, poultry should be used more and fish must be included (tuna if possible, because of several beneficial substances, such as omega-3 acids). It should be said that many diets use cleansing and water elimination methods. This means that after a diet is gone, weight regain partially happens because of accumulation of waste material in colon and because of water amount building up in the organism. This can be prevented to some level with the help of that healthy diet.
While using a strict diet, it is not recommended to perform any strenuous exercises that might lead the body into exhaustion. Combining intensive exercising with a restrictive diet based on a low calories amount is not healthy at all. But some light physical activity, walking, for example, can be very beneficial. When a strict diet is over and healthy eating begins, more intensive exercising can be included, some cardio workout that will additionally help with a fat burning process. Cardio exercising uses oxygen for prolonging the period of exercising. This happens because oxygen prevents fast production of lactic acid, which is the main factor that induces muscle tiredness. Cardio workout includes running, use of treadmill or elliptical trainer, aerobic sessions, yoga, Pilates, lifting very light weights etc. Exercising should be performed each day, or at least three times in a week.

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