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Flabby arms are one of aesthetic problems of overweight people, both men and women, and in order to get rid of it, it is necessary to get rid of the excessive weight first. This is why exercises for those who want to be able to wear short sleeves without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable should consist of cardiovascular and strength training. Strength training will help in building the muscles, and this will result in more burned calories during any physical activity and even during physical inactivity. Since fat tends to accumulate in the back part of the arm, as well as in the belly and butt, for example, the point of doing exercises for flabby arms is to tighten and tone the triceps.

Exercises for flabby arms

Overhead triceps extensions is an exercise that is done with dumbbell and while standing in an upright position with feet at the shoulder-width distance from each other. Arm is fully extended while holding the dumbbell above the head and elbow is clasped with the free hand. The elbow should fold in a way that the dumbbell is behind the head and then arm needs to be extended to the starting position again. The same should be done for another arm. French press is also done while holding the dumbbells above the chest in a lying position on a bench. The palms need to be facing each other, while the dumbbells should be almost touching. The elbows need to fold in a way that the dumbbells are lowered near the head and then the arms are returned to the initial position. Triceps kickback is an exercise that needs to be performed in a standing position, but one arm and leg should be on the bench and the upper part of the body parallel to the floor. With the dumbbell in the hand, the elbow needs to be raised until it is parallel to the floor, which means that it needs to be at right angles. The arm needs to be extended until it is parallel to the floor as well, and then it is necessary to return to the starting position.

As for the number of repetitions, when it comes to these exercises, they can be performed as many times as the person desires, but it is not recommended to go beyond one’s limits. Also, a simple walk in the morning, for example, might provide even better and faster results, no matter how gentle it is.

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