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An Annoying Layer of Fat

Armpit fat can be more than a disturbing trait your body might have. You may never be able of relaxing in public while wearing your bathing suits, since your armpit fat will get in the main picture, and give out negative aesthetic impression about you. Moreover, you may never allow yourself to wear sleeve shirts, fearing that this fatty layer will get exposed again. Thus, armpit fat can lead you into a life of seclusion and inability to relax. Instead, you will spend most of your life hiding your armpit fat and worrying that it might fall out in the open, clear for others to see. This is no way to live. Rather, you need to do something about this troublesome state of affairs, remove that annoying fat and tighten your armpit skin, worrying about it no more.

Armpit Far Removal Procedure

There are several different methods which can help you remove your unwanted armpit fat. Naturally, both of these involve physical activities.

First of all, you are to take good care and control the amount of calories you provide your organism with. Next, you are to burn those excessive calories through serious cardiovascular exercise training. Spending 45 minutes a day on these exercises will contribute greatly to the removal of your armpit fat.

Apart from these activities, you need to do some weight lifting workouts in order to make your muscles firm and prominent, making that armpit skin tight and attractive. You need to tone your back, biceps, triceps, chest and shoulder muscles in order to achieve the desired armpit effect.

For these purposes, you might try bench dips. These involve you sitting onto a bench edge, supporting your weight with your arms on the bench, grabbing the edge with your fingers falling relaxed. Then, raise your hips by using your hands, and lower your body down so as to ensure your elbows are creating a 90 degrees angle with the floor, while your forearms are parallel to it. Once having done this, return to the initial position and repeat for 15 times in 3 sets.

Also, you might exercise your triceps muscles by holding a dumbbell in one hand, supporting yourself with the other one resting on a chair, keeping your back straight and your upper body bent. Then, extend the hand with the dumbbell by straightening the elbow and turning it to the side. 15 repetitions in 3 sets will suffice.

Additionally, you might consider lying on a stability ball, keeping your back straight and your knees bent at 90 degrees. Then, while holding a medicine ball in your hands, straighten them up above your shoulders, keep the ball there for a while and lower it back afterwards. The same number of repetitions will be good enough.

Finally, you might lie down, with your knees bent and your feet on the floor, holding a medicine ball in front of your chest. Once doing that, bend your elbows and perform sit-ups in this position, with the same number of sets and repetitions.

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