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Scapula Exercises

This text will focus on the shoulder joint strengthening exercises, which can also reduce the chances of having shoulder problems. The joint we will be talking about is very prone to pain and injuries and it consists of bones, tendons and muscles. These tendons and muscles located here have a common name - rotator cuff muscles. Shoulder anatomy is very complicated and it can easily become injured or dislocated, thus causing the pain. The collar bone and arm bone are connected with the scapula. This bone looks like a triangle and it is a shoulder blade. Rotator cuff muscles are all attached to the humerus head, but they all start form the scapula. Severe pain can be caused by the strained rotator cuff muscles or shoulder blade. In this text, we will give you exercises that can aid you in making your scapula muscles strong.

Shoulder Blade Exercises

This very complex structure is needed for the proper movement of the arm. All bones and muscles are involved in the process of movement. Exercises we will give you do not affect the stabilizing muscle of the scapula, but they make the shoulder muscle stronger. This is very important since a bad posture and muscle imbalance can occur if this is neglected.

The first exercise we will give you is called overhead external shoulder rotation, it involves the use of dumbbells of light weight and it helps the stability of the scapula. While standing out, the dumbbell is in a right arm and then put left hand on the left thigh. Then the right arm should be extended so that it points to the ceiling. Next, move the arm towards the floor with an internal movement of the shoulder, and do the same thing with the other hand, repeating it for 10 times.The next is called wall push up, and it is done exactly as regular push-ups, but these are done on the wall. Just place yourself in a position for push-ups and then bend an elbow and move towards the wall. Straighten your back during the exercise and remember to do 10 repetitions.Next exercise we will explain to you is called arm reach. This is one of the scapula exercises, which make it very strong, and it is very easy to do. It is done on the floor, and when on the floor, keep the fingers pointed to the ceiling, while arms are raised. Remember to keep the elbows straight while you do this and the next part of the exercise. The next part involves reaching to the ceiling with your shoulder, but point as high as you can. Shoulder blade should be raised in this position. This exercise requires from 10 - 12 repetitions.The last exercise we will mention is the dumbbell shrugs, which involves holding the dumbbell in a shoulder position while standing. Keep the body straight and face the palms to the body. Then the shoulders need to be upwards and palms rested on the thighs. This position needs to be held for few seconds after which the initial position should be taken. This exercise needs 10 repetitions.

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