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Benefits of workout are so numerous that exercising is somethingthat should be done each and every day and this refers to all - men and women, young and old, withno exception. Of course, exercising should be appropriate to the age andgender, but basically the exercises are always the same.


Even though exercising should affect the entire body, especiallyfor those who have problems with extra weight, exercises that focus onlycertain areas are also important because they additionally develop the muscles.Women generally do not emphasize muscle mass building, which is usually theresult of focused exercising, but that is sometimes needed, especially when itcomes to arms, since strong arms are definitely needed for performing most ofthe exercises. What would be the most effective arms workout for women then?


Arms workout for women can be performed both at home and ina gym. If no additional weight is added, then push-ups should be the exercisesto use among others. There is a light variant of push-ups, which props thebody on palms and knees, instead of palms and toes. Upper legs and torso shouldbe in the same line because that is something that will ensure the proper execution ofthis exercise. The palms should be put close to each other; they should almost toucheach other. This will put a very strong impact on the triceps while exercising.With making a distance, the focus from triceps shifts to shoulders and biceps.Still, it has to be known that push-up is primarily the best exercise for pectoralarea.

Therefore, for emphasizing the biceps completely, bicepcurls should be done. This should be performed with some light additionalweight in order for muscles to become stronger. Starting position is normalstanding position with feet set at the shoulder width. Arms holding dumbbells are set aside with palms facing out front. The exercise starts with raising the hands with elbows always at the same spot and without moving. This ensures that this complete motion is performed with the helpof biceps.

Triceps can also be exercised with the help of dumbbells.Again it is done in a standing position but this time, one arm is raised straight above thehead and in the same line as the body. Hand then goes backward and behind the head,but again, the elbow is not moving. This can be performed while standing, whilelying on the bench and there is also another variant when the body leans forward and onehand can be used for stabilizing the body while the other is set aside. The torso is stretched and relaxed and the entire arm is then swung backward and front. While movingfront, a bicep curl can be performed for the additional effect.

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