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A lot of weight loss programs for both men and women focus almost exclusively on cardiovascular exercises. However, a weight loss regime should also include some kind of resistance or muscle toning exercises. One such type of resistance training takes the form of dumbbell exercises. These exercises can help greatly when it comes to toning the upper body.

Benefits of resistance training

It is not true that a woman who undertakes strength or resistance training exercises will build a masculine or overly muscular body. There are numerous benefits of resistance training not related to muscle gain. Dumbbell exercises can help to speed up the metabolism, improve bone density, improve physical appearance, maintain proper blood pressure and increase energy levels. Additionally, the only equipment required for this type of exercise is the dumbbell itself.


The upright row exercise can help develop and strengthen the upper back. First of all, hold the dumbbells in both hands. Keep the hands close to the thighs with the palms facing the front of the thighs. Then, raise both arms to the level of the chin. The elbows should be higher than the wrist. Lower the arms and repeat the steps.

Dumbbell raise

The dumbbell raise focuses on improving the appearance of the upper body. Stand straight up, keeping the feet at shoulder width. The dumbbells should be held with the thumbs facing forward. With a still head, lift the dumbbells to shoulder height. Lower the dumbbells and repeat the steps.

Bicep curl

A bicep curl will help you to tone your arms. Stand in an upright position. Hold the dumbbells in each hand with the palms on the front of the thighs, lift the dumbbells in an arc towards the shoulders. Remember to keep the elbows tight to your sides and to avoid jerky movements when lifting the dumbbells.

Dumbbell chest fly

A dumbbell chest fly focuses on the chest and the front part of the shoulders. First, lie down on your back. Hold the dumbbells in each hand, making sure that the arms are held ninety degrees to the floor. Now, bring the dumbbells down to the side, making sure to keep the arms parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise as desired.

Lower body exercises

These exercises focus mainly on the upper part of the body. There are many other exercises that can help you tone the lower body. Additionally, when you are exercising, be sure to warm up before you undertake the main portion of the exercises. If in doubt about anything, consult a physical trainer.

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