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When it comes to exercising, it is important to do it properly in order to induce the best possible effect. There are two major types of effects gained with exercising, and those are lean and bulked up muscles. First type is achieved with cardio workout that does not use the additional weight, while increasing muscle mass definitely demands lifting additional weight.
Workout and genders
It is obvious that thanks to slightly different anatomies and hormonal levels, men can generally lift more weight than women, and that is why there has been an opinion of men being better athletes. At least that was thought in the past. Today, the situation is a little different. Even though the difference in muscle mass remains, women are becoming more and more active in many sports and recreational physical activity. Actually, it might be said that when it comes to amateur physical activity, women are equally engaged as men. Exercises performed by women are basically the same thing that men perform, only a bit lighter. Most of the women tend to develop lean muscles and fit body, without an ounce of extra fat. For this, cardio workout is excellent, but it must be said that a combination of aerobic and anaerobic workout might prove to be the most effective.
Muscle groups
There is always some part of the body that does not please the practitioner and therefore, he or she focuses that area, or that specific muscle group with certain exercises that develop them. Those areas are abdominal region, legs, back, sometimes arms, etc. Actually, it can be said that lifestyle determines which part of the body will have to be focused more. Also, exercises for men and women do not differ much when it comes to focusing certain areas. For example, triceps exercises for women are basically the same as for men, with a difference in the weight of the dumbbells.
Triceps can be developed in several ways. One exercise for these muscles, which does not use the additional weight is a push-ups. For women, lower leverage is not on the toes but on knees with hands stretched in front of the torso and with palms positioned on the floor. The body is lowered by bending the arms in elbows all the way to the floor but without touching it in any way. Then the body is lifted up until the arms are straight again. For focusing triceps, it is necessary to put the palms together and next to each other, which will make the tremendous effect on the triceps.
Dumbbells can be used for developing triceps area. Standing position is required with one arm above the head, holding a dumbbell in hand. The arm is bending backward in the elbow, which focuses triceps greatly. This can be done by using one hand at time or both hands simultaneously. Standing position can be switched with lying on the bench. Pull-up is also an excellent triceps exercise that will not affect triceps only, but the entire arm and torso too.

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