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Losing weight is not that difficult, all you need is a plan and some dedication. Well, that is what many people will probably tell you, but that is not really the truth. Dedication part is true, but the problem begins with creating a good plan that will help you with the weight reducing process. There are two basic things that should be done when it comes to weight problem, and those are exercises and diets.


Exercises and diets are complementing each other, because they both have the same goal, making a difference between energy spent and energy taken through food as big as possible. That difference requires from the body to burn extra fat cells in order to compensate that lack of energy. The bigger the value of that difference, the faster losing weight process becomes. Also, physical activity has to be something not so difficult and strenuous, because it can create additional hunger and that can only cause problems while on a diet.


This is where mental power is much needed, because eating habits in a diet have to change completely and that is something our mind has a problem dealing with. There are many diets to choose from, but they are basically divided into balanced diets and fad diets. Balanced are a bit healthier but the effects come slowly and after a while, while fad diets are strict, rigorous and can produce results in a matter of days only. It is not easy to say what the best fad diets that work are. We can mention that cabbage soup diet, Atkins diet and negative calories diet are most popular, but the truth is that the best is the one that creates the best result for you and that might be a different type in each case.

What is the essence of fad diets? They do not last long, perhaps for only a week, even shorter. Since, the intake of calories is very low, a lot of pounds can be lost. On the other hand, they last for just enough time not to damage the health of the organism due to the lack of nutrients. Atkins diet has been popular a lot for emphasizing the importance of proteins that are taken a lot with this diet (usually through meat), while carbohydrates are almost eliminated from meals. This is not a healthy balance, but this and other fad diets might be effective in a short term, while a bit healthier and more balanced diet is recommended for a long run.

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