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Nowadays, it is very important to almost all people how they look. That is the reason why people go on certain diets. Lots of people see celebrities as people who look ideally and want to know their secret. What exercises they do for instance or what is their diet made of. Celebrities often promote and introduce new fad diets so people can follow them and try to look as good as celebrities. However, sometimes celebrities go a bit too far in undertaking some severe measures.

Fad diets

There are various fad diets that celebrities have followed over the years. Some consisted of only baby food while others required from people to drink bottles of vinegar. Celebrities are known to follow any diet if that meant for them to stay in shape and perhaps win more adulation.

On the other hand, there are certain fad diets that are really incredible in terms of the eating patterns that are needed. These eating patterns have proven in many occasions to be too much for people who are not celebrities. However, movie stars know that a lot depends on their looks so they will follow every slimming tactic without fear. There are fad diets that consist of consuming outlandish foreign foods while other fad diets include some exotic herbs that promise a long life and stop premature aging process. Apart from that, these diets must promote fast weight loss. Three main factors that comprise a celebrity fad diet

The first factor is the emphasis on a specific food or food group in its main constituent that may be aimed at treating a specific health or skin problem. For instance, a food that will get rid of wrinkles or spots.

In most cases a fad diet is concentrating on removing certain foods that are considered to be strong motivators of weight gain from the meal plan.

The third important factor is the inclusion of foods that will make a style or fashion statement.

These fad diets might sound exciting but the nutritionists are having real problems with them. The reason why that is so is because these diets usually lack some essential foods and a person will not be consuming all the needed nutrients. The nutritionists advise fans to follow the diet of their idol only moderately. A person must not exclude certain nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals from the diet. There are various rumors surrounding celebrity diets and a large number of them are not true. However, there are some celebrities that claim to follow a certain diet plan like Atkin's diet for instance.

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