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When it comes to supplements that should be used for the dieting, it might be a problem finding what is actually needed and what willnot help that much. And even if supplements are found, it is another problemfinding a proper brand, one that contains high percentage of effectivesubstance and not only traces, which happens a lot lately.

Types of supplements used in diets

Tea is a very interesting supplement, especially green teatypes. The mechanism that makes green tea used by those who want to lose fat isstill unknown, but what is known is that it is a powerful source of anti oxidants, substances that are fighting manytoxins in our body.

Omega-3 is another effective supplement. It comes from agroup of essential acids. Our organism cannot produce it, so it has to be takenvia food, usually from fish and tuna. Omega-3 helps with certain serious conditions,including heart problems. So, add omega-3 to your diet, there is no mistake aboutit.

Dieting with omega- 3 and other supplements

Well, with Omega-3 included, all that is left is picking outa good and healthy diet and weight reduction process can begin. Diet usedshould be a balanced meal with all nutrients needed and in 5 meals. It is important to have higher number of meals, because that will prevent hunger from occurring andalso basal metabolism will be active all the time. Active basal metabolism willensure us that the fat reduction process is constantly active.

There is another type of diet, fast diet, which is alsoeffective, but this type lasts for not more than a week or maybe two. Also,there are not enough nutrients in it, so we cannot call it healthy. A goodexample of this diet is Atkins diet, which has been very popular in the lastcouple of years. It is based on the fact that carbs and fats should be reducedto a minimum, while the only major source of energy in the organism are proteins.This is a reason why many people like this diet a lot, because it involveseating a lot of meat.

When someone wants to start with a diet and combine it with certaintype of exercises, it might be for the best to ask for some medical help. Ithas to be established if there is some underlying or any other condition that might provoke some medical issues when dieting.

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