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Is there anything else that we wantmore than to preserve our youth as long as possible? It is quite upsetting whenwe wake up in the morning and see a new wrinkle on our skin in the mirror. Thesefine lines and wrinkles are our worst enemies in fighting for the beauty. Apart fromthe visible wrinkles on the face, especially on the forehead and around the eyesand mouth, the wrinkles may also appear in the chest area.

The wrinkles usually start to emergewhen the women enter their forties, but due to some factors, they may also appeareven earlier. The wrinkles are formed when the skin loses its elasticity andbecomes loose and damaged. The wrinkles on the chest occursince this part of the body is usually exposed to sun. Furthermore, they may graduallyappear due to constant sleeping on one side.

Causes of chest wrinkles

The major factor for the incidenceof the wrinkles in the chest area is aging. We might be taking care of the chest skinas much as we can, but we cannot stop aging and therefore, these wrinkles are themost difficult to be treated. Another major cause for the occurrence of thewrinkles in the chest is skin damage due to the sun’s rays. The skin is a sensitive organ and itcan be easily affected by the various pollutants that cause the skin to sag andform the wrinkles. In those women who enter the period of menopause, thehormonal changes are among the most frequent causes for the appearance of thechest wrinkles.

Treatment of chest wrinkles

We should pay a lot of attention toour skin once we enter puberty. Thus, we can prevent the premature aging of theskin, as well as forming of the wrinkles in different areas on the body. However,once we notice the wrinkles on the chest, there are only few things that we cando to slightly decrease their visibility or to prevent the further deepening ofthe wrinkles.

The chest skin should always beprotected by sunscreen lotion with high SPF when we go out with this part ofthe body exposed to the sun. Furthermore, an anti wrinkle creamshould be applied on the chest every night after bathing since they may slightlyreduce the visibility of the wrinkles. The special breast pillows can be found in themarket nowadays and they are believed to prevent the forming of the chestwrinkles by separating the breasts when sleeping.

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