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How do they comeabout?

These skinirregularities occur as a direct consequence of the collapse in the underlyingfibers of elastin and collagen. Undesired fissures first tend to find their wayinto the person’s skin some time at the age of 27. But cases of their occurrenceas early as in teen years are not an uncommon occurrence at all. In addition,genetic predispositions, overt usage of muscles, support fat tissue wasting,loss of collagen due to exposure to harmful ultra violet rays are some of themost frequent culprits responsible for the induction of wrinkles on one’s face.Furthermore, such actions that involve facial muscles (as frowning and similarones) and take place in between the person’s eyebrows are followed by theappearance of vertical lines between the age of 23 and 27. Those fine lines areknown to take over first the edge of the eyes. One upside, so to speak, is thatthey are almost unnoticeable and thus should not cause much concern in aperson. Still by the time a person turns 40, those awkward deep wrinkles beginto occur and inhabit the area in between the person’s eyebrows.

Wrinkle inducers

In the firstinstance, wrinkles occur due to the loss of either elastin or collagen, or evenboth at the same time, and are accompanied by the changes in the hormonal levels– particularly estrogen in women, and aging, which represents yet anotherquite common cause of wrinkle breakout. When it comes to those wrinkles thatappear in the area between the eyebrows, important to know is that this happensas a direct consequence of the movement of six different muscles employed forthe purposes of pulling the person’s eyebrow in an inward direction. The wrinklesthemselves have the tendency to form by following the general direction, whichis opposite to the direction in which the muscle fibers tend to run. This ishow facial muscle expression comes into existence.

Deep lines tend toappear mostly as a direct consequence of either frowning or due to the furrowingof the brow. The wrinkles that appear as a direct result of facial movementsare also known as the expression wrinkles.


One of the mostfrequently employed techniques for addressing this problem is the injection oftype A botulism toxin, i.e. Botox, as it has the ability to successfully battleof those unpleasant and troublesome furrows that occur in between the person’seyebrows. In addition, a compound known under the name of “Argireline” has alsobeen introduced as a substitute to Botox.

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