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Wrinkles like No Others

Having wrinkles on your upper lip caninfluence the way you look significantly. This is due to the factthat these kinds of wrinkles affect one's aesthetic appeal, being moreprominent than, for example, facial wrinkles. So, upon having thesewrinkles on your upper lip, even if there is not a single wrinkle onthe rest of you face, you will still look a lot older than youactually are, which can hardly be a positive side. Therefore, you areto remove these wrinkles as soon as possible, letting your youth comeonto the surface. Before you are capable of doing this, you need torecognize the symptoms of wrinkles on your upper lip, know whatcauses them and, subsequently, be able to cure them quickly andeffectively.

Reasons behind Wrinkles on the UpperLip

Among many other causes of thisproblem, aging comes first. In time, throughout our life, our skingets older and older, thus losing its elasticity and firmness.Therefore, sometimes in life we are bound to experience wrinkles allaround our faces, even on our upper lip. This, upper lip area is moreprone to wrinkle formation due to the thin layer of skin covering it,countless smiles it had to stretch for, all the environmental factorsit had to endure etc. In the long run, this thin skin layer gets itsfine lines more prominent, therefore allowing wrinkles to appear andbecome visible.

How To Get Rid of Upper Lip Wrinkles?

First of all, bear in mind that properhydration is the key to a healthy skin. As with earth, when skin isdry, lines begin to appear on the surface of it, being clearlyvisible. Therefore, in order to reduce the creation of wrinkles, aswell as their prominence, you are to drink sufficient amounts ofwater. Eight glasses a day are optimal. However, if you are doingsports which make you sweat, you need to compensate for these lossesby drinking more. Alternatively, you may contribute to this factor byapplying moisturizers on your lips and facial skin. Natural andvitamin oils may help as well, especially vitamin E and almond oil.

There is a good facial exercise whichis known to prevent upper lip wrinkles. Namely, you are to sit infront of a mirror and, with your elbows on the table, place yourthumbs beneath your upper lip, between it and the gums, pulling itdown and holding it there for about 5 seconds.

Finally, make sure you sleep enough,meaning at least 8 hours a day, always use sunscreen while gettingout in the sun, protect your face and the rest of your skin from theharmful UV rays and remove mental stress from your life at all costs.Alternatively, you might opt for face lifting, Botox,microdermabrasion or other procedures which might surgically removewrinkles from your upper lip.

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