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No matter how hard we try, we simply cannot counter aging completely. Namely, the wrinkles on our face will appear at some point of our life, regardless of our efforts of diverting or resisting this natural process. Nevertheless, by applying proper skin care throughout our lives, we can keep our skin healthy and young for the longest timespan possible.

Why Does Skin Get Old?

Wrinkling of the skin takes place due to bonding between the skin's sugar molecules and the proteins or lipid molecules, without a careful control of enzymes. However, this is not the only cause behind wrinkles. Dry skin, age, sun exposure or various environmental factors, all contribute to wrinkle formation. Therefore, in order to counter this plethora of negative effects, wrinkle creams usually contain concentrating moisturizing agents which replenish the skin's water levels, getting rid of wrinkles.

Facts about Wrinkle Creams

Men seem to accept their aging far better than women do, since the latter are the most common users of wrinkle creams. Women desire to get and maintain a youthful look and seek the rejuvenation wrinkle creams offer. Many individuals use wrinkle creams as a safer alternative to the controversial Botox injections and various facelift procedures. Wrinkle creams offer the same effect without being invasive, painful and dangerous.

Antioxidants are the crucial part of wrinkle creams. Vitamin A is one of the best ingredients of these products, rejuvenating the cells of the skin and repairing the damage done by free radicals, keeping the skin safe from environmental factors. Some wrinkle and anti-aging creams contain peeling agents which remove the layers of dead skin cells from the surface of the face, allowing proper perspiration and promoting skin health. Collagen is also found in certain products of this type, treating dehydration of the skin.

Some anti-aging skin products have the capability of relaxing the facial muscles, preventing wrinkles through this effect. Shea butter keeps the skin gentle and fresh and hyaluronic acid has a cushioning and lubricating effect. Thereby, both of these are found as more or less standard ingredients of certain wrinkle creams.

All in all, the number of different wrinkle creams available on the market is enormous. Therefore, it is best to seek medical opinion regarding the type of your skin and the best possible skin products for you. Then, once you have your skin examined, your dermatologist can recommend the optimal products you can use, so that your skin can remain healthy and young-looking for as long as possible.

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