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There are several basic methods for weight elimination and the most effective and most natural would be increasing the amount of physical activity. This is why there are literally dozens of different workout types available today and all of those are applied for weight loss. For weight reduction, a training session should be based on cardio, aerobic workout. Muscle contraction in this type of workout is generally slow, which allows the presence of oxygen in the process, and that reduces the speed of lactic acid accumulation. That acid is what causes muscles to become exhausted and tired. It has to be mentioned that this is an old, classic theory. New research claims that the influence of lactic acid on muscle exhaustion is not so important.


Even though cardio is supposed to be the most effective workout type for weight loss, there are more and more experts who say that combining cardio and muscle mass building should be even more effective. Of course, muscle building should not utilize big weights, only light ones, and usually those in the form of dumbbells. Increasing muscle mass to a certain point also requires certain amount of energy, which will also induce fat burning process. Also, combining two different workouts will keep the muscles always active and always in a need of energy.


There are also workout types which could not be called standard but which are still quite effective when it comes to elimination of excessive pounds. Trampoline exercises for weight loss are fun and interesting but they also create results. Trampoline is all about bouncing. So, it is safe to say that most of trampoline exercises for weight loss are based on jumping.

Even though trampoline offers a bit different physical experience, it still requires a good warm up and stretching intro. All together, those two should not last for more than 15 minutes and then trampoline exercises begin. First thing that should be done is simple bouncing, but slight one, with feet on the trampoline. This is just for a practitioner to get used to the feeling under the feet. After that, spot jogging can be done. Pressure on the ankles is less in this variation, but additional strength is needed for keeping the proper balance. After this, simple bouncing with shifting the weight from one side to another is performed.

Another interesting form is bouncing side to side with raising the opposite knee to the chest - a great exercise for the entire body with emphasizing the core area. There is also bouncing with leaning to one side and then to the other with the entire body. Trampoline exercises for weight loss are spending more energy because of the mentioned balance and proper posture. It is not much, but each spent calorie is important when fighting the weight problem.

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