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The way you perform your workout program

Why is exercising important? There are numerous positive effects that create a healthy and strong body. Benefits include enhancement of the immune system and other systems in the organism (cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal etc.), increased libido and energy, reduced risk of getting affected by certain medical conditions and much more. Of course, there are also strong muscles, no extra fat and attractive body, but this is all secondary next to a body able to withstand medical problems.


The way you perform your workout program is very important.  Many people do exercises improperly and that reduces the effect of the exercise, but not only that, it might lead to injury. For a workout to be proper, there are some rules that have to be followed. For a start, stretching and warm up phase has to be present all the time. This is essential because many problems in exercising may be avoided, among which are spasms, strains, cramps, even joint dislocation, muscle tearing and bone breaking. Body has to be warmed up and muscles stretched before anything else is started (for this part, usually jogging and aerobics are done).

When this is done, if workout is done for overall strength increase and weight reduction, then cardio workout should be combined with muscle mass building. Cardio can be done with intensive spot jogging and this can be done in several variations, depending on the condition of the practitioner. One of the more interesting and intensive exercises is high knee jump. This is basic jumping but not from a standing position. Starting position requires the torso bent forward slightly with straight spine and legs bent in knees, but hips are not lower than the knee level. From this position, the jump is performed. When torso is at peak, knees have to be raised as high as possible.

After cardio, dumbbells may be used for increasing the muscle mass. Some sort of dumbbell shoulder press can be done, with rotating arms along the way. The weight should be just enough that at least 6 reps may be done. When this is done, the entire cycle can be repeated. Then some cardio and strength building should be done.


For a proper workout, the body and mind have to be prepared, which means that muscles should be rested well enough, so that the maximum can be reached. Also, extremely intensive sessions should not be applied until the practitioner is far into the exercising process.     

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