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Resistance training isbased on using some weight in exercising process. The weight is needed forcreating resistance for muscles so that the movement performed is not done withease. Resistance training can be both cardio and muscle mass building,depending on the amount of the additional weight used. Resistance training forwomen does not differ much from that for men, except in the amount of usedweight.


Resistance trainingwill strengthen the muscles as much as possible. If low weight is used, muscleswill remaining in lean shape, but if heavier weights are used, musclemass will be in a bulked up shape (effect wanted in bodybuilding). For women, the body's weight is usually the only weight used in the beginning of exercising. Exercisesthat are used in this situation are push-ups. Push-up can be done in two ways,from two different starting positions. One requires propping the body on palmsand feet, while the other uses palms and knees. This second form is easier one,because less weight is lifted. In a starting position, arms are stretched, withpalms at the shoulder width. By bending the arms in elbows, the push-up isdone. Body is lowered, almost touching the ground and from there, it goes up.The point is that the spine and legs should be in the same line for the bestuse of the body's weight. In the second form, when knees are used, that linecannot be made and that is why it is not such a hard exercise, but it is greatfor beginners.

Another resistanceexercise that utilizes the body's weight only is called triceps dips. This is a bitharder exercise than a push-up It can be done with the help of parallel bars setat the waist level and distanced from each other so the body is set in between. Arms are set aside and they have to grab the bars. In that moment, the legs arebent in knees and the entire body is in the air, held by the bars with hands.Bending the arms in elbows will lower the body and then it is lifted up withthe strength of the arms (triceps mostly).


Resistance training,as well as any type of workout, is most effective when it is combined with some proper and healthy eating. This will emphasize the fat burning process and withenough proteins, muscles will become a lot stronger. Combining these two willcreate the best possible result for those who want to get rid of excessivepounds and shape up the body.

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