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Biceps, also known as the biceps brachii muscle, is a two-headed muscle located on the upper arm. This muscle consists of two bundles of muscle that share a single insertion point near the elbow joint. Biceps exercises are often incorporated into the weight and resistance training, and men are usually more interested in building muscles in their arms. However, women may also benefit from biceps exercises. Simple training can help to tone the front of the arms and develop strong and nicely shaped muscles. Not only that the nicely toned arms look great, but they also boost women’s confidence and sports performance. Here are some great exercises designed especially for women.

Standing Barbell Curl

This is a classic biceps exercise. A woman will need an exercise bar to perform it. The exercise grasps the bar with hands shoulder-width apart. In the starting position, the hands are placed at the shoulder level. The exerciser slowly lowers the bar to the tops of the tights and lifts it up into the starting position. It is recommended to perform 12 repetitions.

Side dumbbell biceps curl on ball

For this exercise, a woman will need an exercise ball and a pair of dumbbells. A woman should sit on a large exercise ball and grab two dumbbells. In the starting position, the arms are hanging at sides, and the palms are facing up. The exerciser curls the dumbbells up toward the shoulders and then slowly extends the arms into the starting position. It is recommended to do three sets of 12 repetitions.Hammer Curls

This exercise is performed from standing or sitting position. The exerciser holds the dumbbells in each hand with palms facing inward. From this position, the exerciser curls both dumbbells simultaneously, until they reach the shoulders. From here, the exerciser extends the arms until they finally get into the starting position. It would be the best to perform three sets of 12 repetitions.

Concentration curls

For this exercise, the body will need some kind of support. The exerciser can use the exercise ball again or sit on a bench. The type of dumbbells used for concentration curls is moderately weighted. The exercise starts by positioning the left elbow to the inside of the left knee and extending the arm straight. The weight curls towards the shoulder and the arm extends into the starting position. It is important to perform three sets of 12 repetitions on both arms. Fitness experts recommend a short break of 30 seconds between the sets.

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