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Some would saythat exercising and leading a healthylife in general is easy, but thatis not the case. Even if you start withsome sort of a program, it is not easy to stick to it as long as necessary.People get bored easily with everything, especially if the results are not showingfrom the start. We are not easily pleased and we are looking for fun and joy ineverything, even though some things are there to help us and not to entertain us.


Many people will saythat they cannot start with exercising simply because they lack time and space.Not having enough time is understandable to some point, but how come we alwaysmanage to find the time when something serious happens to our health. As for the space, youdo not need weights and working stations in a gym to perfect your body. All youneed is dedication and some common sense. Workout at home is anexcellent solution for most of the working people and for those who won't orcannot afford going to the gym.

As for the type of a workout, resistance band exercises are an excellent choice. Resistance band isvery small (comparing to weights) and fairly cheap, especially the beginner's band.Space required for resistance band exercising is very small, you do not needmore space than for push ups, ab workouts etc. Exercising with the resistance band is all about using arms. Still, almost all muscle groups can bedeveloped with this instrument and all you need is a bit of imagination. Backmuscles, abs, legs, all those muscles can be bulked up with several simple exercisesbased on the resistance created with a band. Later on, new resistance bandshould be acquired, with increased resistance, for obtaining better results.


There are not hundredsof forms that can be performed with resistance band, but there are few dozensthat, if performed correctly, can create a well-developed body. Combined withregular exercises such as push ups for example, this can turn into a very hardtraining session, the one that burns a lot of calories and increases muscle mass.

You cannot expect fromresistance band exercises to bulk up like a bodybuilder. Really big weights andsupplements are needed in order for maximum stimulation of muscle cell growth, and that is not what the resistance band is all about. It is all about having astrong and fit body, which, if combined with a balanced and a healthy diet, is anexcellent pathway for living a long and productive life.

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