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Exercises are a great way of staying fit and healthy, even when you reach older age. Through staying physically active, you will prevent certain diseases from affecting your and will boost your overall mood, feeling happy and positive most of the time. Arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, heart diseases and many other conditions, all can be kept at bay trough regular exercising.

Your Home – Your Gym

If you are a senior desiring to stay physically active, you do not need to visit the gym every day. Rather, all you need are some items you already have in your home. Thus, these exercises are cheap, effective and creative, allowing you to achieve many things through minimal effort.

Exercises for Seniors at Home

First of all, you can start with chair sits. All you need is a chair and, with this item, you can strengthen all the muscles in your lower body. The chair you use must allow your legs to form a 90 degree angle with the hips. Also, you need to assume a position allowing your bottom to barely be seated at the edge of the chair, with your feet directly below the bent knees. Once you are in this position, stand up. Then, return to the initial position. If you happen to need some extra balance, spread your arms.

Next on the list of excellent home exercises for seniors are wall push-ups. This exercise will keep your chest muscles, as well as the shoulders and arms strong. In order to perform this physical activity, you are to stand about two feet from a wall in your home. Once in this position, lean to the wall and place your palms on it in order to keep you secure. The hands should be kept at the shoulder width, just a bit below the shoulder height. Then, as if you are performing regular push-ups, move your chest towards the wall by bending the elbows. Stop getting closer once you touch the wall with your forehead. Then, return to the initial position by pushing yourself away from the wall.

Balance exercise

Finally, you may enjoy and benefit from balance exercise. When you are older than 65, your chances of falling and getting hurt are significantly increased. Thus, you need to train your balance properly, keeping your body under complete control. Try standing on a single leg while you brush your teeth, switching the legs during the process.

Alternatively, you can shift your weight from heels to toes, or practice standing on your toes on a stair or an elevated spot. Also, you can incorporate a exercise ball into this training.

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