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A Mom's Medal of Honor

Those new mothers who endured givingbirth through a C-section, surely are brave, strong and definitelylove their children very much. After all, there is no resting forthese wonderful women, since child upbringing comes into the picturethe moment the little bundles of love leave your body. Thus, throughall these selfless acts of love and support, these brave moms havelittle time for themselves. This results in them neglecting theirbodies. However, mothers should not let this happen and shouldexercise to bring their bodies into their previous shape. There aredifferent types of physical activities grouped specifically for womenwho had a C-section. So, in order to know when to indulge into theseexercises and which activities are they in the first place, read on.

When To Start Exercising?

Taking into consideration theseriousness of a procedure such as a caesarian section is, you needto provide your body enough time to regenerate. Even though, this time span is usually somewhere about 6 weeks, you should not rush it.Rather, it is best to consult with your doctor. He or she is wellintroduced with your physical state of affairs. Thereby, he or shecan tell you when your body is ready for some advanced physicalstraining. Finally, once you get a green light from your doctor, becareful throughout the exercise process, taking good care of yourselfand your body.

The Workout Program

For starters, you will have to be verygentle and careful. Lie down on the floor with your back facing it.Then, bend your legs at the knees with your feet facing the floorbeneath you. After completing this, with your palms behind your ears,try to inhale slowly and deeply and exhale the same way. Do thisseveral times in order to warm up. Then, if you have no troubles withthis, try lifting your head while exhaling. Inhale again whilereturning to your initial position. Repeat this for about 10 times.Later on, when you get stronger and more flexible, you can lift yourshoulders as well, and increase the number of repetitions.Nevertheless, take it slowly, one step at a time.

Next, once you get stronger, from asimilar position, with the exception of having the upper part of yourlegs forming a 90 degrees angle to the floor, lift the bottom part ofyour body, exhaling in the process. Hold it that way for a splitof a second until returning it to the initial state. Up to 10 repetitionsare adequate in the beginning.

Later, from the same position, try tolift your upper body so as to touch your right knee with your leftelbow and, after returning to the initial position, your left kneewith your right elbow, repeating this 20 times.

Finally, again from the same position,take a pillow in your hands and place it onto your abdominal area.Then, as you exhale, lift the pillow above the area. Upon inhalingagain, lower the pillow. Repeat it gradually as many times as youfeel comfortable doing, until you reach 30 repetitions.

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