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Exercising is not all about strengthening the muscles,creating a fit and attractive body. That same body should also be veryflexible, which means that muscles, ligaments and tendons should be as long aspossible and also able to bend at the maximum possible angle.


It is well known that each training session must end andbegin with stretching the entire body. This is the best way to prevent somesort of injury and medical issues such as sprains or sometimes even tearing of muscles, ligaments andtendons. These basic performed forms create anexcellent beginners workout for those who want to increase their flexibility.So, how to become flexible? Most important thing that needs to be remembered isthat the stretching exercises must be performed properly.


From the standing position the torso is bent forward with armsgoing down until the fingers touch the toes. All the time the knees are being keptas straight as possible. This is an excellent form for back pain issues. But thereare also some other forms that should be performed. For example, rotating thehips and torso is a great exercise for the entire upper body. Also, going fromstarting position the torso is bent sideways with one arm trying to reach the footon that side. There are also some exercises that are done while a person issitting on the floor with legs crossed. One of the most effective includes pushing the torso forward, while legs are crossed and with feet close to thetorso as much as possible. This form requires an assistant, someone who pushesthe knees of the practitioner downwards and torso to the front. This can also be done with the legs straight.

Another form that requires an assistant – two persons are standingback to back, arms are positioned up above the heads, holding hands. The assistantis leaning slowly forward thus putting the practitioner on his back andextending the practitioner's backbone. Then they go back to starting positionand then the practitioner leans forward. This is an excellent stretchingexercise, which is often done after a training session in over.

Backbend is another great stretching form, which increases theflexibility of the body. It starts from a standing position, with arms up abovethe head and with eyes constantly on the hands. A practitioner then moves thehands backward and down, never loosing the sight of hands. This means that thehead is constantly following the hands and the entire torso follows that directionuntil the hands reach the floor.

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